FDA Cleared Brainsway Deep TMS for Anxious Depression

Brainsway Deep TMS has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of comorbid anxiety symptoms in adults with Depression.  At Houston West TMS, we have been treating depression and anxiety with positive results.  It is great that the studies back up what we have seen clinically. The good news is that most insurance companies already cover Treatment Resistant Depression with or without anxiety.

The reason that Deep TMS is beneficial in treating depression with anxiety is that we see it everyday in our clinic.  It seems that if you are depressed long enough, you will develop anxiety and if you are anxious long enough, you will get depressed.  In December 2020, The US Census Bureau revealed 42% of people reported symptoms of anxiety and depression. This was an 11% increase from 2019. The British Journal, "The Lancet" reported that a study of 204 countries and territories showed that severe depression was up 28% and anxiety was up 26% in 2020.  It apears the the Covid 19 pandemic has worsened the world's mental health as well as lead to physical symptoms and death.  After all, the pandemic has lead to social isolation, school closures, unemployment, financial stress, death of loved ones and the fear of illness and death in many people.                                                             

Chronic anxiety leads to all sorts of physical problems, like diarrhea, heart disease, high blood pressure, reflux as well as insomnia.  Depression is less frequent than anxiety, but still affects more than 6% of adults.  Depression leads to negative self talk, sleep problems, low energy, social withdrawal and suicidal thoughts.  It contributes to chronic pain and impairs a person's ability to think and problem solve.  As mentioned before, unfortunately anxiety and depression often coexist, leading to even more disability.

If you have depression that has not responded adequately to medication and counseling and also have anxiety symptoms, Deep TMS may be an option that is clinically proven to help. If you would like more information on TMS or feel you are a candidate for TMS,  please contact Dr Drell at Houston West TMS.  We may be able to help you get the relief you desire.

William Drell, MD Houston West TMS and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Our practice is continually monitoring the CDC Guidelines and recommendations from Brainsway and will adjust precautions as necessary to ensure the safety of our patients. We are enforcing recommended Social Distancing s for patients and staff throughout our office and waiting room. Our TMS device is being thoroughly disinfected between sessions, with special attention being paid to surfaces that come into direct contact with patients or operators including the helmet and chair. We are also regularly disinfecting commonly touched surfaces including door handles, light switches and countertops, etc. The office building has implemented extra deep cleaning and more frequent cleansing of bathrooms and water fountains. Any patients who are experiencing symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath or who have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 should notify our staff before coming in for their TMS treatment so we can decide the treatment options.

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