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Brainsway Deep TMS is Featured on CBS News Oct 24th, 2019

  Check out the new Testimonials page with testimonials from actual patients. Here is a review by a patient at Houston West TMS. “I made the appointment with Dr. Drell and I had a ton of questions. He took the time to fully explain everything about TMS. After only 3...

Dr. Drell MD is Listed as one of the TOP 3 BEST PSYCHIATRISTS in HOUSTON Aug 29th, 2019

We were excited to discover Dr. Drell was chosen as one of the three best psychiatrists in Houston based on all web reviews online. He is the only one to do Deep TMS.

New Approach to Depression: Brainsway Deep TMS Jul 23rd, 2019 Read the New York Times article here.

“Hope for Stubborn Depression” Jun 24th, 2019


Brainsway was Featured in the Atlantic Apr 20th, 2019

Click HERE to read the article about Brainsway Deep TMS and how it’s helping so many people.   **Picture credit to**

“TMS: A Top Down Process” Article Mar 20th, 2019

An excerpt from the article explaining what TMS is trying to change: There are cortical and sub-cortical loops, or circuits, and generally with depressed patients, they have a lack of cortical control, or sort of decreased top down functioning, if you will, between these areas of the brain. Generally, when you stimulate or modulate the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex,...

Rebooting the Brain with Deep TMS Article. Read below to learn more about TMS Mar 17th, 2019

Rebooting the Brain with Deep TMS Article